Learn Thai Massage at Home

~ Online Video Course with Drew Hume



Here’s How You & Your Partner Will Benefit:


Increase Intimacy

Whether it’s romantic or platonic, Thai massage improves intimacy through the power of compassionate touch and communication.


Practice Love and Compassion

Thai massage isn’t just about physical pleasure. It also teaches a positive, compassionate mindset that will last much than the massage.

Reduce Daily Pain & Stiffness

The combination of massage and intentional movement reduces muscle and joint discomfort. It also improves mobility.

Reduce Stress

Stress is a chronic issue that can lead to relationship strife, insomnia and other health issues. These techniques can be used for quick or deep stress relief.


Deepen your Connection with your Partner

The hands-on techniques, compassion, and generosity taught in this course help to strengthen and deepen connections.


Save Money

Getting a professional Thai massage on a regular basis is highly beneficial but it can add up. For the price of 1 couples massage, you can both learn how to do it at home.


Here’s what’s included in the program:


Seven (7) Video Tutorials


Close to 1.5 hours of video instruction that lead up to a fully guided 30 minute Thai Massage.


Access to a private facebook group run by and attended to by Drew (for you and your partner!)


A 13 page downloadable PDF with diagrams to help you recall your learning


Quizzes to ensure you fully understand the techniques before you progress onto further postures


Guaranteed bliss! If you are not satisfied with the course after 30 days, we’re happy to discuss a refund with you – your satisfaction is important to us


1 – Intro & Prep

We welcome you into the course and discuss a few things to consider before beginning, such as any equipment needed!

2 – Foundational Principles

Diving right into the Foundational Principles of Thai Massage, we establish these essential components at the very beginning to ensure that all our techniques stem from the core of this practice

3 – Seated Techniques

Learning and practicing the first two techniques! This section takes you through two ways to massage the shoulders and neck – areas that we’re all pretty tense in

4 – Supine Techniques

Progressing onto massage techniques in the supine position (lying down). We take our partner into deeper relaxation and release with a chest massage and hip mobility work

5 – Prone Techniques

We add in the final techniques in the prone position (face down), and we cap it all off with an incredible back massage

6 – Guided Full Body Massage

After learning the techniques in pieces, it’s really useful to tie it all together in a continuous sequence to get the most benefit from the postures. We take you through a full guided practice

7 – Taking It To The Next Level

To cap it all off we share extra tips and hints to get your practice going and to keep it happening regularly


Hi, I’m Drew!
I discovered Thai Massage quite randomly actually, after having been introduced to yoga. It turned out to be something that really clicked with me – and I started using it for family and friends right away. Since then I’ve not only been delivering the benefits of compassionate touch through my practice in Toronto but I’ve been spreading the transformative power of compassionate touch by teaching others how to do it in workshops and private sessions. With this video course, I hope to help even more people discover these simple, effective and empowering techniques so that you can treat yourself and your loved ones.

Learn Thai Massage at Home Instructor, Drew Hume. An expert in Thai Massage he leads students through a video online course teaching techniques and guiding them through a 30 min. Thai massage

I’ve seen first hand how Thai Massage can:


Lower stress (even chronic stress)


Reduce stiffness and pain (both muscle and joint)


Increase range of motion


Create unity in a family


Inspire Compassion


Improve mood and promote feelings of happiness


Bring couples closer together


Enhance a sense of intimacy for couples


Participants Rave About Learn Thai Massage at Home:

students of the learn thai massage at home online video course

Thai Massage at Home with Drew was a true gift. Drew is so knowledgeable, professional and passionate, and even through the video tutorials, his friendliness, warmth and humour shine forward. Drew is a wonderful teacher and is widely available for any sort of question or feedback. I LOVE learning from Drew and can’t wait to participate in more of his workshops!

~ Jaimie

The training was clear, succinct and easy to follow (and a great way to spend a Monday evening at home with my beloved)!

~ Ashley

students love the Learn Thai Massage at Home online video course
Learn Thai Massage at Home students, Garett & Jenelle rave about the online video course

We absolutely loved Drew’s Thai massage course.  We found it to be a compassionate and therapeutic form of healing for both the giver and the receiver and look forward to using the techniques for a long time to come. The course was easy to follow and incredibly informative. Drew is clearly a skilled practitioner and an inspired teacher. We would recommend this course to anyone looking for a way to connect with their partner or develop a skill which will help bring comfort to loved ones in their life.

~ Garett & Jenelle

We really enjoyed the process of learning a way to physically connect with each other in a therapeutic manner. It didn’t require any props, you didn’t have to buy anything, it was just using your body weight. it was just a great way to connect with your partner hands on.


We really enjoyed the instruction, we felt it was very clear and easy to follow. We also felt that the PDF that came after the video series will help us picture the techniques as a refresher so we don’t need to do all the videos again, we can just reference it as we go. It’s also really nice that you get to do a full body massage guided by and instructor. I also like that it’s broken up into segments and then you did the whole thing right at the end. It was really good. It was a really good learning experience and a great way to connect with someone that you love.

~ Bri & Ryan

newlyweds Bri and Ryan loved the Learn Thai Massage at Home Online Video Course

On a More Personal Note

I’ve experienced these benefits first-hand, having discovered the incredible power that touch can have in communication in all relationships – intimate and platonic alike. I also regularly exchange treatments with others to help alleviate the tensions that build up if left unchecked – it’s a pretty special gift to be able to exchange this work! I feel really lucky that I have the ability to use this skill as a currency of wellness that also means I can save a little by not having to pay for treatments as regularly.


The practice of traditional Thai Massage is hundreds, if not thousands of years old and is still practiced today in homes throughout Thailand. The use of these stretching and slow massaging techniques have long played a role in the medical system of Thailand to promote holistic health. Compassionate touch is the foundation of Thai massage providing both the giver and the receiver with feelings of goodwill, happiness and love. In addition to contributing to a sense of emotional wellbeing, Thai Massage has also been linked to improved organ function, relief of pain and stiffness and significant stress reduction. Many Thai parents still teach these stretching and massaging techniques to their children to ensure the practice stays alive but also because it helps foster family unity and affection.


1 – Intro & Prep

2 – Foundational Principles

3 – Seated Techniques

4 – Supine Techniques

5 – Prone Techniques

6 – Guided Full Body Massage


This course is amazing for families, couples and friends. Couples who practice Thai Massage together report an increased sense of togetherness, an ease with intimacy, and greater compassion (and patience) with each other. These are benefits that last much longer than the massage.

Just One Hour a Week of Thai Massage at Home can:


  • Enhance Relationships
  • Create Family Harmony
  • Inject Compassion into Everyday Life Activities
  • Promote General Wellbeing
  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve Stress Coping Capabilities
  • Increase Happiness

Learning these therapeutic techniques will change your life.

Imagine waking up without pain or stiffness, being able to push stress aside and maintaining a happy disposition, connecting with your partner on a deeper level physically and emotionally and creating an atmosphere of loving compassion around your home.

Once you learn these techniques you’ll have this skill for life (and you can come back to the course anytime if you feel like you need a refresher). Just one Thai Massage exchange per week, in the comfort of your own home, will have an amazing impact on your health, relationships and happiness.

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